The Onnit 6-Week Transformation Program

See how you can start your own transformation in just 6 weeks.

DeFranco’s Sports Training

DeFranco’s Gym at the Onnit Academy can help athletes of any age reach their potential.

The Difference Between Exercise and Training

At The Onnit Academy Gym, we provide you with the tools, experience, and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

Onnit Academy

The Onnit Academy Gym combines all of Onnit’s innovative, functional training equipment with the methodologies and highly trained personnel to provide you with unmatched performance.

Unconventional Training

Onnit Academy Gym goes far beyond what either a warehouse “box” or high end commercial gym can offer. We combine unconventional performance training with ancient training implements and techniques to deliver.

Onnit Academy Gym

The Difference Between Exercise and Training

At The Onnit Academy Gym, we believe everyone has a goal, whether it’s increasing your maximum bench press, sculpting your arms, or simply dropping 20 lbs before pool season. Onnit Academy Gym provides you with all the tools, the experience, and the knowledge you need to reach your goals. That’s why when you join our gym, we GUARANTEE you’ll achieve your goal. All we ask of you is to simply show up.

How it Works

When you arrive at the Onnit Academy Gym, the first thing we do is give you a personalized 1 on 1 consultation with one of our trained fitness experts. Your personal fitness consultant will ask you a series of comprehensive questions designed to assess your level of physical fitness, commitment, and any limitations you may have. Then we take you through a FREE workout where additional assessment is done to determine strengths and weaknesses in your posture, mobility, and flexibility. Once your fitness assessment is complete, we’ll sit down with you to establish your GOAL and layout your customized success plan. Don’t waste another day just exercising, contact us to schedule your consultation and start moving towards your goal today.

About Onnit Academy

Onnit Academy Gym is the 10,000 square foot flagship facility located adjacent to Onnit Labs Headquarters in Austin, Texas. This unique facility combines all of Onnit’s innovative, functional training equipment with the methodologies and highly trained personnel to provide you with unmatched performance.

With two uniquely outfitted training spaces, Onnit Academy Gym utilizes highly refined implements and effective training techniques to help you achieve maximum performance gains.

The gym is also the official location of DeFranco’s Gym, an unconventional athletic performance training center originally located in New Jersey. Joe DeFranco trained high profile athletes and entertainers using the equipment now being used in Austin. These individuals include Triple H (Paul Levesque) 13-Time World Champion WWE Superstar, Brian Cushing, linebacker for the Houston Texans, and David Diehl, offensive lineman for the New York Giants.

Why Train At Onnit Academy Gym

Onnit Academy Gym goes far beyond what either a warehouse “box” or high end commercial gym can offer. We combine unconventional performance training with ancient training implements and techniques to deliver.

Who Is Onnit Academy Gym For?

Athletes - Whether you’re looking to improve your football NFL Combine score or just looking to make the varsity team, improving your explosive strength and power with Joe DeFranco’s training techniques will help you get there.

Fitness Enthusiasts - Onnit Academy focuses on bringing all aspects of fitness to essential levels; these include functional strength, power, conditioning, and agility. Learn how to move properly while working towards long term improvement using kettlebells, sandbags, calisthenics, steel maces, steel clubs, barbells, and more.


The objective of Onnit Academy is to teach men and women of all ages and abilities the techniques and methodologies to overcome any physical challenge.

Whether it is to dominate a competitive sport, be ready for the trials that life may bring, or simply maintain a level of sustainable, injury free fitness, the Onnit Academy is as versatile and adaptable as the unconventional methods themselves. The Onnit Academy understands that for peak performance, all aspects of a person need to be optimized so comprehension of the fundamentals of nutrition and mental preparation will also be encouraged.


Academy Personal Training

Whether you are working with your trainer one-on-one or in a small group, each session is guided by the Onnit Academy principles and philosophy.

DeFranco Training

Joe DeFranco has become one of the biggest names in athletic performance enhancement for a reason. Get prepared for your time on the field of play by investing in a DeFranco Training membership.


Shorten your recovery times between training sessions and experience the multitude of health and wellness benefits of cryotherapy. Whole body cryotherapy is a well researched and safe therapeutic modality with 30 years of use in Europe and Japan.


The Shake and Supplement Bar at the Onnit Academy Gym offers the best in Earth Grown Nutrient dense foods.


Onnit Academy Gym is a revolutionary high performance training facility that bridges the void between minimally outfitted warehouse gyms and pricey upscale commercial fitness centers. Focused on both high performance and total body optimization through fitness, nutrition, and supplementation, the facility has everything you need to push your limits, while still being comfortable doing it.

Locker Rooms

Onnit Academy Gym’s locker rooms have been built out with high quality materials to give you a spa-like atmosphere while you prepare yourself for your next workout (or clean up afterwards). Store your possessions in one of dozens of lockers and hit the gym.

4 Complete Olympic Bar Cage/Platforms

Whether you’re looking to perform Olympic lifts or power lifts, Onnit Academy’s hardcore power cages, combined with top of the line Olympic lifting platforms, are ideal for every heavy lift you can think of. Onnit Academy Gym features 4 complete platforms and commercial grade lifting cages for professional barbell lifts.


There’s no way around it… a solid workout will always make you sweat; and here at Onnit Academy you’ll be doing more than that. After handling steel tools, crawling on turf and rubber, and slapping hands with friends after extreme workouts, you’re going to want to clean up. Fortunately, our locker rooms feature multiple luxurious, spacious showers for you to use.

Smoothie Bar

Pre- and post-workout supplementation is extremely important if you want to get the most out of your time spent training, that’s why Onnit Academy features a high-end smoothie bar. Here you can order both coffee and smoothie mixes that will help you prepare for your session, recover from your session, or satisfy your cravings for holistic food and supplements.

2 24’ Pull Up Rigs

Both of Onnit Academy’s primary workout areas feature high-quality, 24-foot long pull up rigs featuring a variety of attachments and features. In the Defranco Gym training space, one end of the rig features The Tower, a 12-foot tall upright section that can be used for gym rings and rope climbs. Each rig also features landmines, dip stations, j-cups, safety bars, heavy bags, and a variety of pull up bar heights.

2 Fully Outfitted Training Spaces

Onnit Academy hosts a variety of workshops and certifications, but that won’t interrupt any of your workouts thanks to our duel training spaces. Each space contains everything you need to workout, from pull up rigs and barbell lifting stations to kettlebells, steel maces, and barbells, each space has you covered.

Relaxing Lounge

The time before and after your workout is special; you need a relaxing space to prepare yourself for a good session, as well as a soothing atmosphere to recover from high intensity training. The lobby of Onnit Academy features a large display showing inspirational footage, natural wood accents, soft lighting, and seating. Every element has been designed to put you in the proper state of mind for total human optimization.

Equipment Shopping

At the Onnit Academy Gym, you do more than just exercise, you learn how to train. You can take the skills you gain here and apply them anywhere, whether that’s at home, at work, or at a local park, you’ll be able to use Onnit Academy tools to get a workout. All the fitness tools Onnit has to offer are prominently displayed for you to browse and select your weapon of choice for your next workout. Check out Primal Bells, kettlebells, Steel Maces, Steel Clubs, Wooden Indian Clubs, Battle Ropes, Sandbags, Si-Boards, and more.

90-foot Professional Grade Sprinting Turf

Onnit Academy Gym features a 90-foot span of professional grade athletic turf, useful for both athletic and power training. We’ve brought the outdoors in for you to practice football, soccer, and rugby agility training, as well as hardcore sled push/pull strength training.

Supplement Shopping

Onnit has identified the best earth grown nutrients and scientifically proven ingredients in their most potent forms and combined them around specific themes to make dietary supplementation as practical and effective as humanly possible. At Onnit Academy Gym, you can browse everything that Onnit has to offer, including Alpha Brain, Shroom TECH Sport, and T+, three supplements that will help you maximize the benefits of your next workout.


Onnit Academy is proud to offer Whole Body Cryotherapy using a cutting edge Cryosauna unit. A short 2-3 minute session is an exhilarating experience that has been reported to reduce muscle and joint pain and inflammation, as well as a number of ailments, including skin conditionings, insomnia, rheumatism, and stress.

Infrared Hybrid Sauna

Onnit Academy Gym features a Hybrid Infrared Sauna which provides the benefits of both standard saunas and infrared light. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue, providing healing benefits to the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. A session in the infrared sauna can enhance recovery, provide pain relief, and improve circulation. Access to the sauna is included in all membership levels.


Classes & Training

Onnit Academy features a variety of classes held in both small group and large group settings. The following are a few of the implements being used. Each class will feature one or more of these training techniques:


Onnit Academy subscribes to a hybrid theory of kettlebell training that incorporates the high tension and power focused drills while also exploring the efficient mechanics necessary to achieve long work sets as commonly explored in kettlebell sport.

Steel Clubs

Both heavy and light club swinging have been used as a method of physical preparation for centuries. From ancient soldiers to oldtime strongmen and wrestlers to the victorian era military and fitness advocates…club swinging has been a part of physical culture in one capacity or another throughout the ages.

Battle Bags (Sandbags)

The sandbag is a great tool for simulating the feeling of moving a body. The diameter of the bag is closer to that of a torso than most other tools and the instability of the implement adds to the challenge. The Onnit Battle Bag is a nearly indestructable piece of equipment with the ability to be loaded heavy to challenge your strength or power endurance capacity or can be utilized in a lighter configuration to introduce multi-planar rotational work.


Bodyweight training offers the ultimate in training convenience. You can travel anywhere and still be able to effectively train your whole body through the use of traditional and non-traditional calisthenics. Bodyweight exercise is no longer limited to simple push-up, sit-ups and squats. This course will open your eyes to a variety of these drills but also to less conventional exercises that will challenge your strength, flexibility and mobility all at the same time.

Battle Rings (Suspension)

Battle Rings are an excellent tool that offer the ability to add either assistance or difficulty to a variety of bodyweight skills. The additional element of instability will challenge your core and other stabilizing muscles as you work. If you have a bar to mount this rig on then you have access to a huge library of potential drills.

Battle Ropes

There are few implements that can ramp up your heart rate and get the lungs burning as quickly as Battle Ropes. Their use is the equivalent of sprinting when utilized for maximal effort bursts of activity.

Unconventional Training Certification

Onnit Academy also offers Unconventional Training Certifications. Gaining an Unconventional Training Certification does more than get you acclimated to the wide world of functional implements, the lessons you’ll learn will allow you advance as far as you want to go. From being able to proficiently guide your personal fitness objectives to engineering new programs to teach the masses, Onnit Academy has a path for everyone.

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